Fanzara – the Graffiti Town


Have you ever heard about the village that probably has more Graffitis than inhabitants? Fanzara is a tiny village with only 267 people living there (in 2019). So you may ask yourself now how Fanzara happened to become so popular. Well, the reason has to do something with all the colourful pictures you find when you look for the town in the internet: 

All around the village you will find those colourful pictures, sprayed on the walls with graffiti. A couple years ago, Fanzara was just another normal village. The population was rather old and there wasn’t a lot of work for people to do. In the 2000’s the town and its neighbours happened to fight over political issues which seperated the people from each other. As you can imagine, in a small village like Fanzara this can have a lot of influence on the peoples lives. 

Eventually, a change of the government in 2011 was the beginning of huge changes in Fanzara. They decided that something has to be done in order to unite the people back again and bring some fresh winds in the old and boring village. Therefore they came up with a very special idea: This is how the MIAU-Project was born. The what? 

If you think about cats now, don’t let you be fooled: MIAU stands for “Museu inacabado de arte urbano” – the unfinished museum of urban art. Which leads us back to the graffitis we can find all over the village. 

The government basically decided to make the whole village one huge artwork: Graffiti sprayers should come to Fanzara once a year to bring their art on the walls. It all started in 2014 with the help of the famous graffiti sprayer Pincho from Madrid. Since then, every year around 20 Graffiti artists come to the “Festival de Arte Urbano” to spray their work all over Fanzara. In this festival, graffiti sprayers and inhabitants come together and celebrate and communicate with each other. What a lovely idea, right? 

Even though some inhabitants had their doubts about this project in the beginning, more and more of them start to appreciate the idea and become a part of this exchange. 

Fanzara is now welcoming a lot of people from all over the world to see all the amazing artworks. It surely became a colourful and bright little town with its very own charme and atmosphere. 

We are going to see Fanzara on Sunday, 11/04/2021. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity on seeing this unique place yourself, you can come with us! Lets take a look at it together! You can book it at

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