Mountainbiking. Or in other words: You. Your bike. And the nature. 

It doesn’t matter if you decide to go on a challenging road or do a relaxed tour to enjoy your surroundings. On your bike you have all the possibilities that the nature gives you. Uphill, Downhill… everything is possible!

But how did Mountainbiking even become such a famous sport? Let’s see who we have to thank that for. 

The year 1973 is seen as the birth year of the Mountainbike. The three bikers Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and Charles Kelly started to go downhill biking in California. However, their bikes couldn’t really be considered a mountain bike as they were way too heavy. The “Schwinn Cruiser”, as the bikes were named, were much heavier and bigger than the normal bikes back then: Therefore they were suitable to go downhill as they provided more stability. 

Since 1976, the group organized downhill biking competitions and shortly after that, they started to invent their own bikes that are suitable for mountains. This was the time the word “mountainbike” was born. 

Lets see what this “new” sport is doing to our bodies! 

Maybe you already guessed it: Mountainbiking is an allrounder when it comes to health benefits. 

People who do it on a regular basis are experts when it comes to strength, endurance, coordination and technique. Therefore it is definitely an amazing sport to keep your performance high. 

There are various reasons to start this sport: It basically trains every muscle of your body – especially your back, chest, shoulders, your triceps. It helps to improve your respiratory muscles and body tension. And if you are suffering from overweight or high blood pressure, mountainbiking is a great way to work against it! 

Mountainbiking clearly is an amazing sport. Being outside and enjoying the nature while being physically active – can you think of doing anything better? 

If you can’t wait to try it yourself now but you don’t know how, where to do it or what equipment you need, here are some great news for you: On Saturday (17/04) we will do a Downhill Mountainbiking tour together! We will do a stunning route, ending at a waterfall that will blow your mind. The trail is easy and we will take care of your safety. And you will get the bike from us! 

You can book our trip at ! 

If you have any questions or doubts always feel free to ask! Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon! 

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