Our trip to Serra Gelada


Monday, 12th of April 2021: Finally, it’s time to hike again!! Today we are ready to intake spectacular views in the beautiful Serra Gelada National Park which is located right next to Benidorm in the south of Valencia. Arriving with the bus on the doorstep to the National Park we get ready to hike. It’s a beautiful day, sunny and no clouds on the sky. Even more reason to put enough sunscreen & take water to stay hydrated 😉 

After reaching the top we get a breathtaking view over the sea. The cliffs are so huge & steep. Everyone is speechless. And the whole route will be like this!! We take some first pictures, have a first lunch break and keep going on our trail.

We are finishing our hike in the beautiful city Benidorm. We have some time to explore & grab one (ore more) beers, which we earned for sure!!! What a nice day.


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Have a lovely day & see you on our next trip! 🙂 

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