Our trip to Jardin de l’Albarda & Xàbia


Saturday, 08th of May 2021: Today we will be enjoying the beautiful Gardens of Jardin de l’Albarda. We explore the stunning flowers, plants, buildings, small houses and even a pool. We have enough time to see every green spot in the stunning gardens. It’s a must see in Valencian Community if you like Plants!

After exploring the Gardens we are heading to the beaches of Xàbia. Crystal Clear water and white beaches are awaiting us. We are blessed by the sun, so we can explore the city centre or just chill by the beach. Some local restaurants even offer rooftop terraces to have a drink and have lunch. What an amazing day!

If you want to join us for upcoming trips or have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a private message via Instagram. We will be happy to answer it!

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Have a lovely day & see you there 🙂

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