Our trip to Isla de Tabarca


Saturday, 29th of May 2021: We are going to visit the breathtaking Island ‘Isla de Tabarca’ today! Everyone is excited to meet new people, explore the island, have some beers or wine and to go snorkeling & swimming. There are a lot of small restaurants on the island which offer everything from best Paella to Tapas to Bocadillos. We are happy to enjoy the typical Spanish food on an island like this! Our tour guide Diana is even sharing some Insider Tipps with us!

To get on the island we are taking the ferry from Santa Pola. On the boat we are already blessed by the sun! We can’t wait to hop off the boat and explore the beauty of the beaches of Isla de Tabarca. After swimming and enjoying the crystal clear water, we have some drinks in the local bars together. Most of the people go for Sangria! It’s nice to share amazing experiences like this with new friends who have the same mindset! We can’t wait to go to a Party with them as soon as we get back to Valencia!

If you want to join us for upcoming trips or have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a private message via Instagram. We will be happy to answer it!

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Have a lovely day & see you there 🙂

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