[English] Who else loves waterparks? The adrenaline that rushes through your venes when going down some high waterslides, the refreshing feeling entering the swimming pools when being so hot after staying in the sun or gaining back the energy you … Read More

Isla de Tabarca

[English] Last Saturday we went to beautiful Isla de Tabarca together! After our bus ride to Santa Pola we were taking the Catamaran to go on the island. The boat ride took us around one hour. We had plenty of … Read More

Best Places for Erasmus Students in Valencia

[English] Valencia is paradise for every Erasmus Student! Good weather, beach, many restaurants & bars, beautiful city & a huge park. What else could you wish for? We have listed some of the best places for Erasmus students in this … Read More

Best River Hiking

[English] Last weekend we went for a hike in the river. Yes, you were reading right: A hike IN the river! Like this we could ceep ourselves cool & refreshed even though it was a pretty hot day. The sun … Read More

Rafting in Montanejos

[English] Last weekend we went for a Rafting trip to Montanejos! Rafting is so much fun & action included, everyone had the best time! We had a day full of action, laughter and established new friendships! We also had time … Read More

Albufera, Paella, Sunset

[English] Last Saturday we went on an amazing trip to beautiful Albufera. Before watching the sunset we want to make the most out of the day. As we arrive at La3 Park, our event location, we already know it’s going … Read More

Our Language Meetings every Tuesday

[English] Every Tuesday we are meeting at 20pm at Veles e Vents in the beautiful Port of Valencia. It’s the perfect location to have some cold drinks, meet new people and enjoy the amazing views. You can watch beautiful sunsets … Read More

Our trip to Isla de Tabarca

[English] Saturday, 29th of May 2021: We are going to visit the breathtaking Island ‘Isla de Tabarca’ today! Everyone is excited to meet new people, explore the island, have some beers or wine and to go snorkeling & swimming. There … Read More

How to prepare the real Valencian Paella

[English] Don’t you dream of being able to prepare the good and authentic Valencian paella when you will be back in your country, to remember good memories and share this culinary wonder with your family and friends.    First of … Read More

Our trip to Jardin de l’Albarda & Xàbia

[English] Saturday, 08th of May 2021: Today we will be enjoying the beautiful Gardens of Jardin de l’Albarda. We explore the stunning flowers, plants, buildings, small houses and even a pool. We have enough time to see every green spot … Read More