Best Places for Erasmus Students in Valencia

[English] Valencia is paradise for every Erasmus Student! Good weather, beach, many restaurants & bars, beautiful city & a huge park. What else could you wish for? We have listed some of the best places for Erasmus students in this … Read More

How to prepare the real Valencian Paella

[English] Don’t you dream of being able to prepare the good and authentic Valencian paella when you will be back in your country, to remember good memories and share this culinary wonder with your family and friends.    First of … Read More

La Semana Santa Marinera de València

[English] In Spain, many cities celebrate Holy Week with beautiful festivities of international renown, such as those in Seville or the numerous drumming parades in Calanda. But these celebrations remain rather classical, in Valencia, Holy Week is of a different … Read More

The urban circuit of Valencia

[English] The Valencia urban circuit is a semi-permanent automobile circuit laid out around the port of Valencia. In 2008 it hosted for the first time the European Grand Prix of Formula 1, a motor sport considered the premier category of … Read More

Typical beverages of the Valencian Community

[English] The Valencian Community is very typical in the manufacture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Proof of this are the customs that are still maintained at the tables, parties or places where we go to drink them. There are some … Read More

El Jardí Botànic de Valencia

[English]   The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia, which is known as El Botànic, was founded in 1567. For 200 years, it was only a cultivated plot used to grow medicinal plants. The construction of the first greenhouses … Read More

Chinatown in Valencia!

[English] Big news in Valencia! The city will be the first in Spain to have its own Chinatown! In Valencia, there are an estimated 20,000 Chinese people, and in the city center where the district is planned to be located, … Read More

The Castle of Guadalest

[English] As you may have noticed if you have traveled the Spanish roads, there are many hills occupied by an unknown fortress or an impressive stone construction. Today we are going to tell you about one of the most impressive … Read More

Student life in Valencia

English Today we talk about student life in Valencia through the experience of a student. According to her, Valencia is one of the best student cities in Spain to live in because there is a great quality of life and … Read More

Sierra de Bernia

[English] Hello hikers! We organise a trip to Forat de Bernia, the spectacular hiking route around the Serra de Bèrnia. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete and with the best views of the geography of Alicante. It is … Read More