Almería & Cabo de Gata

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Kayak, Western, Tabernas Thur 23/06/22 - Sun 26/06/22

Almería,  sometimes also called “an extension of Morocco” is the most African of Andalucían port cities. Almería is famous throughout Spain for its beautiful beaches such as Cabo de Gata (we will talk about this beach in another section). A lot of beaches are completely unspoilt. Did you know that Almería has a desert? Yes, that’s true. It is the only desert in Europe and it is called Desierto Tabernas. This wild expanse of dunes, hills, and mountains receives little rain, and it is home to species of flora that are absent elsewhere on the continent! 

In 2019, Almeria was named the Gastronomic Capital of Spain. It is a dream place for tapas! And the best part of this is that you can have tapas for free! How? Easily, just order a drink and you will receive a plate of tapas! Amazing, right?

This remarkable city is also home to The Moorish Fortress called La Alcazaba, it’s the second-largest Muslim cathedral in Andalucía! But do you know for what is Almería the most famous? It is a prime film destination! Let’s talk about it in the section below! 


As we mentioned earlier, Almería is famous for film production. Films and TV shows have been made in Almería since the 1950s! During the 1960s and 1970s, Almeria’s Tabernas desert became a popular filming location for Hollywood. Countless Clint Eastwood films were filmed here! Also Cleopatra or Laurence of Arabia. 

In 1966 John Lenon was in Almería filming How I won the war. During his stay, he wrote the world-famous song Strawberry Fields Forever. 

In the 1980s Almería continued to be a hot filming place and became the birthplace for films like Indiana Jones, Never Say Never Again or The Neverending story and so many others!

The most recent world-famous TV series which has been filmed there was Game of Thrones! Almerían Desert became the Dothraki sea, the Torre de Mesa Roldán, in Cabo de Gata natural park, became part of Meereen, the city of pyramids and the Alcazaba fortress became the capital of Dorne (the kingdom of the House Martell).

If you would like to visit those filming places, you can book this activity after booking the trip!


Let’s talk about the most breathtaking part of Almería. The Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is land between deserts and beaches – the biggest protected nature reserve on the Mediterranean coast. You can find so many beaches there: Playa Genoveses, Playa Las Negras, Playa de los Muertos, Cala San Pedro, La Fabriquilla or Agua Amarga. The most beautiful beach is Playa de Los Muertos, but don’t be scared by its name. It is so called because in the old days this is where the bodies after shipwrecks used to end up. 

An unforgettable experience awaits you with our trip and you will never forget it. Kayaking in the Natural Park Cabo de Gata! (Optional – but we highly recommended this activity) 

This activity takes approx. 3 hours and it is an unforgettable experience. A great amount of the city’s sights can only be appreciated from this small boat and it is one of the natural areas affected by the greatest number of protection figures, both of a natural and cultural nature.It is an optional activity that costs 30 euros extra, and the embarkation point is La Fabriquilla, Agua Amarga or Cala del Cuervo, Las Negras.Depending on the wind from the west or east.

If this description of our next trip has made you dream and travel a little bit, then don’t hesitate to join us and live your Erasmus to the fullest and brag about having seen these treasures that Almería has to offer.

Check the video below, we are sure you will be amazed!

Our hotel in Almería – 4* Hotel Avenida

We chose the 4* El Avenida Hotel which is located in the city center. The rooms are double but if you would like to stay alone there is an option – A single room for 22€. The breakfast are included! Photos of our hotel are below: 


Thursday 23/06
We will leave after the lunch at 15:00 directly to Almería, where the Fiesta de San Juan will be celebrating. After arrival we will check in at our 4* Hotel Avenida.
Friday 24/06
After breakfast at the hotel we will go to the beach. You have 2 options: you can go kayak with the kayaking company (highly recommended) or enjoy other beaches. Around 18:00 we will go back to Almería and we will visit the city. After that we will have a dinner together (optional)
Saturday 25/06
After breakfast we will go hiking to the beach. Route is really nice 11km medium easy. At 15:00 we will leave for tabernas El Hollywood in Spain. We will see a several shows (optional) and visit the town. Around 20:00 we will go back to Valencia.
1. Ruta Las Negras – Cala San Pedro
There are only 2 ways to get to Cala San Pedro: on foot or by boat. As we will do a kayak, this time we will go by walk. This route is almost 10km and takes 1 hour to go there and 1 hour back. The beginning of the route is uphill but then it is almost flat and it is impressive to walk over the cliffs of the coast. The road is wide and comfortable to walk. A popular name for the cove is the cove of the hippies because those who live there make handmade articles with leather, shells, or other materials.

Total distance: 10km

Difficulty: Medium

Type of route: Circular route


A route with excellent views up to the Morrón de los Genoveses, a small hill next to the sea. Nice route along some of the magical beaches such as Genoveses, Mónsul and Barronal, along with some hidden coves.
The choice of route will depend on the kayaking activity. Because one of these places we will visit the day before.
The Kayak departure depends a lot on the wind. For days with an easterly wind the boat will be in La Fabriquilla or Agua Amarga. For days with a westerly wind, it will be Cala del Cuervo in Las Negras.


Distance: 12km 

Elevation gain: 263m

Difficulty: moderate

Type of route: circular

Important Details:

Travel material: Backpack, clothes, sunscreen, camera, etc.

Food and drink: Bottle of water, maybe snacks for the first day. You can buy food and visit restaurants there.

Places 01 – 15/Until 20.05: Only 150€ (in 2 payments 50€+100€)
Places 15 – 30/Until 30.05.: Only 160€ (60€ +100€)
Places 30-50/Until 06/06: 170€ (70€+ 100€)
The deadline for booking is 06/06/22 or the maximum number of places 50 (whichever comes first). After that, we cannot guarantee the same hotel or the same price.

How can you book the trip?

1. You can Book Online (Extra 1 euro) 

2. In the office 09:00 – 14:00 (Plaza Honduras 26) 

3.You can book on the Language Exchange meetings (20:00 – 22:30):

  • Monday in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36
  • Tuesday at Palau Alameda, Carrer de l’Arquitecte Mora, 2,
  • Thursday in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36

The hotel is El Hotel Avenida, a 4**** hotel located in the city center. Breakfast is included and the rooms are double but with a supplement of 22 euros you can ask for single. 

if you are coming single, we will find your roommate. Your roommate will be same gender as you and we will try to have almost same age. 

– Private bus
– Hotel with double rooms and breakfast
– Guide and professional organization

Does not include: 

– Entrance to any attraction or museum
– Lunch or dinner
– Kayak ticket or Western Show
– Anything that is not written in includes

You can book all these activities with us separately after booking the trip. 

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

Para poder viajar y disfrutar de forma segura tendremos que seguir estos protocolos para viajar con VLE/CoAcad. 1. Antes de todo, si sientes algunos síntomas como fiebre/tos/problema respiratorio no deberías acudir al punto de salida. 2. Uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria durante todo el tiempo en el autobús. 3. El autobús será tratado con desinfectados antes y después de cada servicio. 4. Antes de subir al autobús se hará control de temperatura. 5. Te entregaremos una toallita desinfectante para que puedas limpiar tu asiento de forma segura. 6. No imprimas billet, será suficiente con tener el codigo QR en el móvil o solo dinos tu nombre y apellidos. 7. Durante todas la visitas guiadas (todo el tiempo), el uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria.

Meeting point: AVENIDA ARAGON 31, VALENCIA 46010

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