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Bocairent also called “the city where the stones speak”, “the little Tuscany” or “Matera” (Italy). You can search in the Google for Bocairent and Matera (Italy) and like to compare it. Some of the houses and monuments have been excavated from the surrounding rock to continue the ancient tradition. The streets of Bocairent are steeped in history, the inhabitants respect their traditions and the town itself is located near the beautiful Sierra Mariola National Park. Bocairent is a historic-artistic town with narrow streets, famous for the “Covetes dels Moros”. The caves are very narrow and small and sometimes you have to climb through them on your knees. If you suffer from claustrophobia, you should be aware of this.

The towns where the stones speak – some people call Bocairent like that. It definitely is a very unique village, located closely to the National Park of Sierra Mariola.


Xátiva is a town full of history – reigned by different emperors it got famous for being the city of papermanufacturing in the 12th century. Xátiva had its most blooming time until the 18th century, but choosing the wrong side in one of Spains wars, Xátiva lost all its Privileges and even got an new name. Finally in 1811, it got its old name back and is called Xátiva ever since.

Castle of Xátiva

Ready to see one of the seven wonders of Valencia? The castle is on of the most famous attraction of Xátiva! It was the spectator of a lot of battles in the past – it forms the highest point of the massive walls you will see in Xátiva, they once surrounded the whole town in its early years. If you like to feel the history by yourself, you should definitely visit the castle. It is surely a very impressing sightseeing spot!


9:00 Leaving Valencia
Meeting point Avenida Aragon 31 (in front of Mestalla)
10:00 Arrival to Xativa
Start walking to the castle
14:00 Leaving to Bocareint
Leaving by bus to the Bocairent
15:00 Caves
Visiting the caves in Bocairent
19:00 Coming back to Valencia
Lets go back home!
Food and drinks: You can bring from home and or eat in a restaurant there.
Clothes: Bring confortable clothes because we will walk a lot, and don’t forget to bring a jacket because during evening it can get cold. 
The caves are very narrow and small and sometimes you have to climb through them on your knees. Be aware of this and don’t go in if you are claustrophobic.

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