Embalse Regajo & Salto de La Novia

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A classic hiking route that follows the Palancia river, passes the Regajo reservoir, Fuente de los Baos, The Tío Juan waterfall, the Arab tower, and finishes at the waterfalls of the Navajas called “Salto de La Novia”. This route is really beautiful and calm. You cant take a cool photos there and also refresh in the waterfall! Go to “Hiking description” section to find out more details!


Salto de la Novia or in English “Waterfall of the bride” is a 60 meters high waterfall located in Alto Palancia. Are you wondering why is it called “Waterfall of the bride”? A dramatic legend gave this waterfall its name. More curious? Let’s find out what happened.

Apparently, the tradition of the town required that when two young people were about to get married, they had to pass a curious, as well as dangerous, test. In the area where the river narrowed as it passed through the town, the girl jumped from one bank to the other before the attentive gaze of the entire public. If the jump was clean and everything went well, it implied that the marriage will be full of happiness. On the contrary, if she fell, it predicted a life full of unhappiness for the couple.

On one occasion the story did not have either of two expected endings. 

One day, a couple wanted to follow tradition and show their love. While the whole town went to watch the bride’s jump into the river, the young woman did not calculate her distances properly, and she fell into the river and was trapped in a whirlpool. Her boyfriend, desperate, jumped to save her but could not do anything, both drowned and her bodies appeared lifeless hours later.

Due to this tragic story, the absurd tradition was questioned by the townspeople themselves, and the practice eventually disappeared from local couples.


Distance: 11.5km
Difficulty level: Medium – Easy
Duration: 3.5 hours
Positive slope: 838 m
Total difference in altitude (highest point): 542 meters

You can see this route down below:


9:00 Departure
We will meet in front of Mestalla stadium at 8:45 and leave at 9:00. Please, be there at time!
10:30 Arrival and hiking
We will arrive around 10:30, have a short break and then we start the hike
13:30 Lunch break
Around 13:30 we will have a lunch break
16:00 Arrival to Salto de La Novia
We will finish the hike at Salto de La Novia Waterfall. We will relax there until 18:00. (Entrance to waterfall Salto de La Novia 1€ cash)
18:30 Back to Valencia

Appropriate shoes (sports or hiking shoes, but please no sneakers)

Water (Min 2 liters)

Food (No stores, bring food from home)

Swimwear, towel, sunscreen!!

Single ticket: 25€

Group of 5 people or more: 24€


Special discount of 5 % with the code “VALENCIAERASMUS”

Does not include entrance to Salto de La Novia – 1€ in cash!

We prefer if you book it online, but if you can’t, you can come to our office during the week from 09:00 to 14:00. Please send an E-Mail in advance so we can confirm the appointment.

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