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Best River Excursion
Where is this place?
This place is 180 kms from Valencia towards Madrid, in the mountains, middle of nowhere.
What can we do there?
(Activities are optional)
– You can enjoy different activities (Down mentioned), or you can stay relaxed, next to a natural river, and enjoy the waterfall or go behind the waterfall and get a natural massage.
– Cliff Jumping of 3, 5, 7 12 metres,
(there is one jump of 14 meters, but you need to be professional to do that jump)
– River hiking,
– Abseiling(Optional)
– Dive under rocks (Check the last video)

There are some restrictions this year please check them at the end. 

Trip Itinerary

Departure from Valencia at 9:00 (Please be 5 – 10 minutes before)
We will have a half-way break and arrive around 11:30.
11:30 - 18:00
We will walk around 30 minutes to get at the place, where we will be until 18:00, doing different optional activities like hiking, jumping, abseiling or having a drink next to a waterfall . We will give you details about activities in the bus.
At 17:50, We will take 5-10 minutes to clean the place/trash at we will start coming back to bus. 18:00.
18:30 /19:00
Around 18:30/19:00 start coming back to Valencia.
We will be back in valencia.
Some important points you should consider…
  • Suitable shoes: Take right type of shoes (shoes that can go in the water and that you can walk comfortably with them). Some people take two pairs: one sport shoe and another aquatic shoes (escarpines in Spanish). We personally recommend you sports shoes, the ones that can go in the water (can be wet).
  • Water: Take a good quantity of water. Even if we will be in the water, we will need fresh water to drink. Better to take almost 2 litres of water.
  • Suncream: the sun is very intense take suncream and if it is waterproof, better.
  • Towel and spare clothes: when we will be back to initial point, we will change clothes, so take extra pair of clothes with you.
  • Food: There is nothing over there, so please take your food/drinks with you. otherwise you will be hungry whole day.

from € 18

Payment Options

Online (Preferably) or in the office


Plaza Honduras 26

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