Each weekend we organize two different trips which varies from hikes and city tours to boat-trips and beaches.

If you want to get a break from your studies, change your environment and find new interesting people while enjoying amazing places, don’t wait, let’s go together!

Special group discounts!

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10% off till tuesday

Vilafamés & Cuevas San Jose

An underground river of 2.5 km length and one of Spains most beautiful towns!


10% off till tuesday

Calpe & Hiking Peñon Ifach

Ready for a stunning view and an incredible beach? Come with us to Calpe!

Protocols for the meetings & other events 

(According to the circumstances and situation of Coronavirus)

For Valencia Erasmus the most important is your health. In order to participate in Valencia Erasmus events and enjoy them, we will have to follow these protocols.

  1. First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not go the meetings.
  2.   There will be a limit of attendees/participants (It will depend what the official authorities allow us). 
  3. To guarantee your security every participants has to register for the meeting.
  4. Wash your hands/Sanitize them:
    1. Before getting to the meetings,
    2. After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing,
    3. After touching money
    4. After using the toilet
    5. After touching surfaces outside of the table
  5. Try to avoid the two kisses, hugs and hands shaking and accidently if you have done, please wash your hands or sanitize them.
  6. Try to avoid sharing things like lighter, beer, cigarette, money etc.… if you have to please sanitize them.
  7. Please don’t touch the flags on the table / or we will avoid to put them there.
  8. For the moment there will not be Quiz on Thursday (To not to make crowd in closed area)
  9. You must come with mask, Without mask we won’t allow you to participate. 
  10. You and We will have to respect all the new special measures to contain and prevent the coronavirus in the city of Valencia dated 13/08/20. 

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