Fanzara, Culla and Mascarell

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Graffiti Town 30/10/2021
We are going to visit the beautiful village Fanzara! This rather small place became suddenly popular when the government decided to invent the MIAU-Project. That project is basically an open-air museum that is never fully finished: Every year twenty graffiti sprayers come to the village and spray their art on the walls of Fanzara. This makes the whole town to a big piece of art – how impressive is that? You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see it yourself! 
Next, we are going to visit Culla! The village is on of the 15 most beautiful villages according to the Association of the most beautiful Villages in Spain. It has an elevation from 395 m to 1121 m where the town center is located. This makes Culla so unique and impressing. You will be able to see a lot of old buildings, churches and streets which all have their own history.
You will come across many steep slopes, ravines and caves. Culla surely is a fascinating town! 
At the end of our journey we will visit the small and very beautiful Mascarell. You can see a lot of history in this charming village and you will surely be impressed by the walls that surround the town completely! 



09:00 Leaving Valencia
The meeting point is Avenida Aragon 31 (In front of Mestalla)
10:00 Arrival to Fanzara
We start our walking tour to see all the amazing Graffitis
13:00 Leaving for Culla
We will leave in Fanzara at 13:00 to arrive at Culla around 14:30.
14:30 Lunch Time and free time in Culla
We will have 2 hours to have lunch and visit Culla.
16:30 Leaving for Mascarell
After 2 hours of visit we will leave for Mascarell and we will arrive there at around 17:30.
17:30 Visiting Mascarell
Mascarell is small town, so 1 hour will be sufficient to visit it.
18:30 Coming back to Valencia
We will meet at 18:30 in the bus and around 20:00 we will be back in Valencia.

Foods and Drinks: You can get your own food and drinks or go to one of the restaurants

Clothes: Please wear comfortable clothes as we walk a lot, and bring a jacket as it might get cold in the evening

Solo: 20 € 

Groups of 5 or more: 18 € 

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