Wine Yoga


20:30 Turia Park
Sipping wine & practicing Yoga moves
What is your favorite way to reduce stress?  Run along the beach, watching a favorite movie or maybe just simple hanging out with your friends?
We propose you a great way to deal with too much tension. Come to our Wine Yoga where you can de-stress and have fun at the same time!
Relax your body & mind!
Did you know that combining wine and yoga is very benefitial? It is said by Yogis that practicing asanas while sipping wine puts your body into deeper relaxtion. 
It is not only reducing anxiety but also makes fun and… even helps to lose weight!
Come to our Language Exchange where you will have a chance to meet many international people, have fun and relax with a sip of wine!
Streth your body and make new friends!
Turia Park

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