Internatonal First Date


20:30 Pub Big Ben

Let´s find a perfect language tandem partner!

The best way to practice languages is just to talk. Why not find a perfect parner to speak with, then?

It´s way more favorable when you have a conversation with someone with similar intrests, isn´t it?

We will try to find the perfect conversation matches for you!

Who knows, maybe the person will become the best friend, couple or a soulmate!

Let´s match!

How does it work?

Everyone will receive a questionnaire*. Based on that,  we will form different groups of people according to thier personality.  There will be 5-6 different groups separated by colors so you can talk with people in your group and try to find future partner/friend.
*The questionnaire will be sent on your email, after your register for the event.
IMPORTANT! All the personal data will be used ONLY FOR MATCH groups, it will not be USED FOR OTHER purpose in any circumstances, and right after the data will be deleted permanently.
We date in the Pub BigBen, 36 Plaza Honduras!
Remember to register to receive the questionaire. Without filling the questionaire you will not be able to participate!

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