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History, Festival, Alcoy Sunday 24/04/2022

The Moors and Christians festival is one of the most genuine celebrations within the wide and rich compendium of festive celebrations with deep roots and tradition throughout Spain. Since 1980, it has been declared an International Tourist Interest.  The festivals last for several days and feature festive parades with bombastic costumes loosely inspired by Medieval fashion. Christians wear fur, metallic helmets, and armor, fire loud arquebuses, and ride horses. In contrast, Moors wear ancient Arab costumes, carry scimitars, and ride real camels. The festival develops among shots of gunpowder medieval music, and fireworks, and ends with the Christians winning a simulated battle around a castle. We will go back in time together to the year 1276!

The festival Moros & Cristianos is also known as the “Festival Trilogy” because the most important events are celebrated for three days.

The first day starts in the morning with the Christian Army Entrance, then follows the Muslim Entrance, complete with oriental dresses, which makes you feel like you are in a traditional oriental era.

St George’s Day (Patron of the city) is the second day with parades featuring both Moorish and Christian bands.

On the third day, we have the Battle of the Arcabucería, a battle between Muslims and Christians to capture the City Castle. It fills up the center of Alcoy with arquebuses and gunpowder.


9:00 Departure from Valencia
We will meet 8:45 am in front of Mestalla stadium
10:30 Arriving and first Act: Alardo de la mañana
The program of the day is: Alardo de la mañana: a las 11:00 h Estafeta y embajada cristiana: a las 16:30 h. Alardo de la tarde: a las 17:30 h.
19:30 Back to Valencia
After the Act Alardo de la tarde. We will start coming back to Valencia.

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Group of 5 or more: 23 €


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