Pyrenees Aragones

From 175€
Hotel + Transport + Guide + Insurance + Activities Sat 21/08 - Mon 23/08

Come with us to enjoy the beautiful nature of the pyrenees! The area is offering the most stunning villages and National Parks. Most parts of the pyrenees even got declared World Heritage Site!

On our trip we will visit the Aragonese part which will impress you for sure!

We will stay 3 days in a lovely hotel in the nature. The breakfast is included, as well as guides and best coordinators. Also included is the private transportation & insurance. So you don’t have to worry about anything, we’ve got it all sorted out for you!

Places we will visit:

  • Natural Park of Ordesa & Monte Perdido
  • National Park of the Western Valleys
  • Old Train Station of Canfranc
  • Ainsa
  • Alquezar
  • Sallent de Gallego
  • La Jacetania
  • Lanuza

You will be able to do a lot of activities like Rafting in Ainsa or take the Artouste Train (more info below)


Huesca’s most beautiful village was declared a National Monument in 1931 and its town centre has been an Art Historic Site since 1982.
It was founded by Sheikh Khalaf Ubn Rashid at the beginning of the 9th century and conquered by Christians in 1083.
As you walk through its streets with a guided tour, you will feel like an ancient knight or a medieval lady, as if travelling through time, because time seems to have stood still in this fortress, preserving its beauty and uniqueness.

Old Train Station of Canfranc

A unique landmark such as the impressive Antigua Estacion de Canfranc, which was even named a cultural monument and inaugurated on 28 July 1928, is not to be missed. The last train stopped at the station 46 years ago and it has since become a symbol for its splendid 19th century French palace architecture. Inside you can immerse yourself in a surreal atmosphere thanks to the light streaming in through the windows and the ghostly appearance of the building, which has become the setting for many films and film productions.

Sallent de Gallego

Another very beautiful village in the Pyrenees, surrounded by impressive landscapes and with interesting sights in the historic centre, such as the 16th century Gothic church and the medieval bridge. It is called the Spanish mecca of skiing and is located in the resort of Formigal-Panticosa. We will have dinner in this village and discover its most beautiful streets and corners.

Natural Parc of Western Valleys (los Valles Occidentales)

is probably one of the most cultivated cities in the world. Enjoy spectacular views of the Alhambra from the San Nicolás viewpoint, or stroll through the Albesin district, walk down Daró street (the most beautiful street in the world), visit Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel or relax in the Arab baths of the Hammam Al Andalus. And if you add to all this a visit to Spain’s most important monument called the Alhambra, it is hard to find a better trip than this.

Natural Parc of Ordesa & Monte Perdido

Lets take a hike with your new friends in one of the most beautiful areas of the Pyrenees: Ordesa and Monte Perdido. This beautiful natural paradise, located in a natural park, was even declared a World Heritage Site in 1997. At least once in your life, you must see the impressive waterfall, one of the highest in Europe, located in the 15 608-hectare national park.


Ainsa is one of the most beautiful villages in the Pyrenees. It’s very charming and characteristic for the area. With its stone streets, old houses and a magnificent 11th century stone castle, it will transport you to another world. The castle, the only one of its kind, has had an impressive historical significance since the Middle Ages, being the site of political pacts, several conquests and becoming a symbol of the region. The Church of Santa Maria in the square also has great architectural and historical charm.

Hiking Treks (Day 2 + 3)

2nd day: Ruta Aguas Tuertas, circular route in Natural Park of Valles Occidentales

Distance: 11,98 km
Positive elevation gain: 352m
Technical difficulty: Medium Easy
Negative difference in altitude: 3
52 m
Maximum altitude: 1.684 m
Minimum altitude: 1.357 m
Type of route: Circular

3rd day: Ruta Cola de Caballo (Natural Parc of Ordesa & Monte Perdido)

Distance: 18.76 km
Positive difference in altitude: 778 m
Technical difficulty: Medium High
Negative difference in altitude: 778 m
Maximum altitude: 1.763 m
Minimum altitude: 1.299 m
Type of route: Circular

Optional Activities (Day 2 & 3)

2nd Day: Train (in Natural Park of Ordesa & Monte Perdido) “Tren de Alta Montana”

Jump with us on Europes highest tourist train! Its around 2.000m high and you will for sure enjoy the views overlooking beautiful scenery. The high mountains offer the best views. On the second day you will have the opportunity to take the train which is an additional cost of 25 Euros. Have a look at the video:

3rd Day: Rafting in Ainsa (in Natural Park of Ordesa & Monte Perdido) 

Did anyone say RAFTING IN THE PYRENEES?? You cannot miss this experience! You will go rafting on a river that passes through the valley of Pineta. The activity will last around 4 hours. On our 3rd day we will explore Ordesa & Monte Perdido. If you don’t want to do the hike and prefer to go rafting, you can take the bus to Ainsa and have the time of your life. It’s an additional activity that needs to be paid extra.

Brief Program:

21/08 Saturday
Early in the morning we are going to leave to the pyrenees. We will first visit the beautiful village of Huesca “Alquezar” with a guided tour. After we will leave to the hotel which is located in another beautiful village “Lanuza”. Time for a break to relax and let’s head to the old train station of Canfranc. At night we will have dinner together in Sallent de Gallego (most famous place for Skiing in Spain)
22/08 Sunday
Wake up & have breakfast surrounded by stunning nature. Lets go for a 12km easy hike (details in the description above) in the Natural Park of the Valles Occidentales. Around 15pm we will go back to the hotel. Around 17pm we will take the “Tren de Artouste de alta monana” (OPTIONAL and to book seperately) It’s a train going through stunning scenery, we highly recommend it.
23/08 Monday
The choice is yours: You can either take a hike in the Natural Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Or you can visit the Natural Parks and go Rafting in Ainsa. Afterwards we will visit Ainsa and return to Valencia in the evening.

Detailed Program:

21/08 Saturday

Early Morning
Leaving Valencia in Avenida Aragon 31 (in front of Mestalla)
Beautiful village with guided visit
Lanuza, time for a break, relax
Estación Antigua de Canfranc
We will visit the Old Train Station
Sallent de Gallego
Let’s have dinner together in the most famous place for Skiing in Spain

22/08 Sunday

Breakfast in the middle of the nature
12km Hike
Easy level hike in the Natural Park of los Valles Occidentales
15.00pm Hotel
17.00pm Tren de Artouste de alta montana
Optional activity, to be reserved seperately

23/08 Monday

1st option
Hiking in Natural Parc of Ordesa & Monte Perdido
2nd option
Visit in Natural Parc of Ordesa & Monte Perdido and go Rafting in Aínsa (to be booked seperately)
City Visit
Going Back
Lets go back to Valencia


While traveling it’s important to get a nice rest! Therefore we chose a lovely hotel for you! Breakfast is included, so you can start your day relaxed. The hotel is located in the middle of nature so you will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery. What is better than waking up with fresh air and the view on a high mountain? Located in Escarilla, the Hotel Sarao is just 4kms away from Lanuza.


Certainly one of the most lovely places in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Every year some of the main cultural festivals of Spain take place here. The village is offering cute stone and slate houses and waterfalls.

Important Details

Foods and Drinks: bring your waterbottle, you can also bring some snacks for the first day but you will be able to buy some food and find restaurants there.

Backpack, Suncream & camera

Clothes: Please wear comfortable clothes as we walk a lot. Appropriate clothing for the day and for the night (it may be cold at night)

Solo: 195 € 


For the first 10 tickets: 175 € (2 payments: 25 + 150)

10-20 tickets: 185 € (2 payments: 35 + 150)

20-30 tickets: 295 € (2 payments: 45 + 150)

Maximum 30 places available!

Book your ticket until 07/08/21.

After, we can’t guarantee the same hotel/prices.

It’s possible to book online (2 extra euros are asked)

Book in our office during office hours from 9:30-14:30 (Plaza Honduras 26).

If you prefer it is also possible to book it during language exchange on tuesday in veles e vents or  thursday in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20:00-22:00pm)

Last day to reserve: 10/07/2021 !!

We have chosen for you a very good quality hotel in the middle of nature. Breakfast is included to give you a chilled start in the day!

  • Hotels & breakfast in stunning nature
  • Private Bus
  • Guided visits
  • Mountain Guides
  • Professional Organization + coordinators
  • Insurance


Entrance to the Museum in Alquezar, Ainsa or the ticket for the Train (Tren de alta monana). Food & Dinner also not included!

All activities can be booked with us seperately after buying your ticket

More details soon.

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

Para poder viajar y disfrutar de forma segura tendremos que seguir estos protocolos para viajar con VLE/CoAcad. 1. Antes de todo, si sientes algunos síntomas como fiebre/tos/problema respiratorio no deberías acudir al punto de salida. 2. Uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria durante todo el tiempo en el autobús. 3. El autobús será tratado con desinfectados antes y después de cada servicio. 4. Antes de subir al autobús se hará control de temperatura. 5. Te entregaremos una toallita desinfectante para que puedas limpiar tu asiento de forma segura. 6. No imprimas billet, será suficiente con tener el codigo QR en el móvil o solo dinos tu nombre y apellidos. 7. Durante todas la visitas guiadas (todo el tiempo), el uso de mascarilla va ser obligatoria.

Meeting point: AVENIDA ARAGON 31, VALENCIA 46010

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje Wexcursion, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, Wexcursion, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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