Teruel & Albarracín

Teruel & Albarracín

From €21
City tours, Cathedral Sunday 10/04/2022
We will arrive in Albarracín and have enough time to get to know each other, until at around 11.30 our guide will join us. During our tour of the city, we will see the famous city wall and the Torre del Andador, as well as the castle of Albarracin. When we pass the famous blue houses of Albarracín and go up the steep stairs, don’t forget to take pictures for your instagram!
If someone tells you that Teruel doesn’t exist, don’t believe them: This charming town has a lot to offer! While taking a walk through the historic center and looking up, you will see the towers of El Salvador, San Martín, and San Pedro. During the guided tour we will see the Mudejar Art which will give you an insight into the Middle Ages, when Christians, Jews, and Muslims used to live together. Have you ever heard about the “Lovers of Teruel”? Come with us and find out more in Teruel! 


08:30 Departure
We will meet at 8:15 in front of Mestalla (Avenida Aragon 31) and depart from Valencia at 08:30.
11:00 Arriving Albarracin
Arriving to Albarrcín – we will have a guided tour. We will separate in small groups, We will visit the village and/or the cathedral of Albarracin. (30 minutes visit) (ONLY FOR US, CATHEDRAL IS CLOSED TO PUBLIC) We will be in Albarracin until 14:00.
14:00 Leaving for Teruel
We will leave to Teruel
15:00 Arriving to Teruel
We will visit Teruel until 18:30
19:00 Leaving
We will head to Valencia at 19:00

Food and water: You can bring your own food or go to a restaurant there.  

Guided tour: Comfortable shoes, light clothing.


01 – 20 places: 21€
20 – 21 places: 22€

Special 5% discount for first 25 places, use the discount code “VALENCIAERASMUS”

Includes: Private Bus, Insurance, Best organization, Coordinators.

Cathedral 4€ (optional) –  normally it is closed to public, but it will be open for our group.

How can you book the trip?

Pl. d’Hondures 26 from 9:00 to 14:00 (please send an E-Mail in advance so we can confirm the appointment) 

Online booking below:

Protocolo Coronavirus VLE

In order to travel and enjoy safely we will have to follow these protocols to travel with VLE / CoAcad. 

First of all, if you feel some symptoms like fever / cough / respiratory problem you should not participate in the trip. Use of a mask will be mandatory at all times on the bus.

 The bus will be sanitized before and after each service. 

Before boarding the bus, temperature control will be done. 

We will give you a disinfecting wipe so you can safely clean your seat. 

Do not print a ticket to avoid handling paper, show us the QR code on your mobile or just tell us your name and surname. 

During the guided tour everybody will wear the mask.

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje Wexcursion, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

All our trips are organised by Travel agency, Wexcursion, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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