The River Hiking + Camping & Party in the mountains

From 50€
Hiking, camping, partying Sat 02/07 - Sun 03/07/2022
A new adventure is coming! 

Camping in the mountains after hiking in the river, sounds great right? So get ready for camping in the middle of nowhere, right next to the river. The weather will be amazing around 35 degrees, but be ready for a cold night – around 10 degrees! During the day we will refresh while hiking in the river and jumping from the cliffs. And after all that we will PARTY in the woods!

On the first day, we will walk almost 4 km (the first half of a river), and on the second day, the rest of the river – another 4 km. Also on the first day, we will jump from the cliffs  – 2,3,5 meters and on the second day 5 and 10 meters. 

The camping area is around 100km from Valencia in the middle of nowhere. What do we mean after “middle of nowhere”? That there are no shops, so you cannot buy anything (besides a small ecotourism restaurant), and also there is no internet connection and phone network.

What things you can enjoy during the trip?
  • Hiking in the river
  • Abseiling in the water
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Camping in the mountains in the middle of nowhere – next to the river
  • Party in the mountains
  • Food and drinks
Program for day 1:
Program for day 2:
8:30 Departure from Valencia
We will meet in front of Mestalla at 8:15am and leave at 8:30.
11:00 Arrival
We will arrive to the river place and have a break for bathroom, brunch, etc.
11:30/12:00 Start the hike
We will start walking and after 20 minutes we will get in to the water. We will walk in the water for 4km.
18:00/18:30 Return
We will return to the same place same point, have some beers, bath, etc.
19:00 - 20:00 Tents
We will stat putting a tents and getting ready for typical mountain dinner and party!
00:00 Sleep
We will have last drink and go to sleep (we cannot make noise after 01:00)
09:00 - 10:00 Wake up
Wake up and refresh.
10:00 - 11:00 Tents off
We will have breakfast and fold the tents.
11:00 Start the hike
We will start walking until the second part of the river, almost 1 hour walking.
12:00 River hiking
We will have a sandwich and then start the river hike.
15:00 Drinks
We will go back to the restaurant to have some drinks.
16:30 Back to Valencia
We will go back to Valencia around 16:30.

The camping area has:

  • Drinking water
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Showers
  • Bar coffee shop
  • Parking

Dinner menu (20€)

Starter: 3 starters salads, potatoes, eggs (for 3 people)
Main: Barbeque meat, pancheta, morcilla, chorizo,
Dessert: homemade yogurt with homemade honey and fruits,
Drink: (beer and sangría, included during dinner)

(There is also a vegetarian/vegan option)

Breakfast (5€):

  • Toasts with Marmelade, Honey, Tomatoes,
  • Different types of cheese,
  • Juice,
  • Coffee.

Brunch or lunch (10€):

  • 2 sandwiches with 2 drinks (beer or soft drink) – 1 for brunch what we will have before going in the water. The 2nd one after hiking. 
  • Fruits

From: 50 € 
Limit date to Reserve : 29/06/22

50€ ticket includes. 
Transport  both day + Camping pace rent + Hiking coordinator + Insurance. 

Doesn’t includes: Food & Drinks – Camping tent – Sleeping bags – or any thing which is not mentioned in Includes. 
You can reserve them separately. 

Special discount of 5% until with the code“VALENCIAERASMUS”.

  • Suitable shoes: Take the right type of shoes (shoes that can go in the water and that you can walk comfortably in). Some people take two pairs: one sport shoe and another aquatic shoes (scarpines in Spanish). We personally recommend you sports shoes, those that can go in the water (can bet wet).

  • Water: Take a good amount of water. Even though we will be in the water, we will need fresh water to drink. It’s better to take about 2 liters of water.

  • Sunscreen: the sun is very intense, so take sunscreen and if it is waterproof, it’s better.

  • Towel and spare clothes: when we will be back to the initial point, we will change clothes so take extra pair of clothes with you.

  • Food: take some food with you for the breaks and we recommend you to order your lunch there.

  • Tent and sleeping bag: it will be cold in the night, so please bring your sleeping bag or blanket. If you don’t have a tent, check the details at the end of our page.
  • Drinking water,
  • Sanitary facilities, 
  • Showers,
  • Bar, 
  • Parking.

You can book it in the Language Exchange meetings, online and or in the office.

Office: Monday to Friday (9:00 – 14:00) Plaza Honduras 26

Monday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20:30 – 23:00)
Tuesday : Palau Alameda, Carrer de l’Arquitecte Mora, 2
Thursday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20:30 – 23:00)


Meeting point:

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All our trips are organised by Travel agency, COACAD, under licence number CV-m-1881-V.

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