International Food Exchange

Free/ 5€
Food, Friends, Fun Friday 01/09/23
Do you have some specials coming from your country? Or some favourite dish prepared only in your homeland? Would you like to try cuisine from different parts of the world?
If yes, come and join our event!
We will make an international buffet, where you can leave your meal and enjoy food from different countries.

How it works?

Everybody will cook some traditional food from their country and bring it to the bar. 
Please bring also a small paper exlaining your dish and all used ingredients (for allergic people).
*Please DO NOT cook more than 2-3 people, we do not want to waste your food!
Can I join the event without bringing a food? YES! You will pay 5 euros which will be used for buying kitchen utensils. 


20:30 Opening
We meet at 20:00 to prepare the tables for the feast. At 20:30 we start Food Exchange. ¡Que aproveche!
21:00 Start
Explaining the receipes and start eating.
22:00 Voting and drinks
We will vote for the best meal and then enjoy few drinks together.

Bar Big Ben

Address: Plaza Honduras 36

  • A traditional food from your country 
  • In case you don´t want to cook – 5 euros fee
  • Party mood

To make a reservation for this event please complete the form below, where you accept conditions and agree to eat food made by others and that we do not take any responsibility for products used for food preparation.

Meeting point

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