Oranges & Paella & Sangria

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Oranges, paella, sangria Saturday 11/02/2023
Do you know what are 2 most famous gastromic things in Valencia? Of course Oranges and Paella! Surely you have already noticed oranges and aroma of paella everywhere while walking through the streets of Valencia.
Do you know how to pick up oranges and cook paella in the right way?
Now it is time to pick your own oranges, cook paella and enjoy sangria for free!
You can learn how to pick up oranges and cook paella from the experts, while drinking delicious sangria!

Paella Cooking Show

A master paella maker will teach us how to make paella, the ingredients, the correct way to make it etc.. Then we can eat the same paella (There will be a vegetarian paella too). He will also teach us how to make sangria.
Did you know that Valencia started growing oranges in 1781 and Paella is actually the frying pan where paella is cooked. Paella was the food of farm workers, made in the fields with rice, and what they found in the fields (tomatoes, onions and snails, with some beans added for flavor and texture).


09:00 Departure from Valencia
In the reservation we will send you more details.Departure by metro from Valencia (to Picassent).
10:30 Arrival
When we arrive, we divide into 2 groups. One group will learn how to pick up oranges and another one how to make sangria, and then vice versa.
13:00 Paella cooking show
A Master cooking show will teach you how to make paella in the right way!
16:00 - 16:30 Back to Valencia
Around 16:30 we will go back to Valencia.

Price: 16€ until Wednesday, 18€ after Wednesday.

Includes: Class pick up oranges, Paella classes, Sangria classes, 2 kilos of oranges, Paella dish, 1 sangria / beer

How can you book the trip?

Office: Plaza Honduras 26 (09:00 – 14:00)

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Online: Link below

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